East European Educational and Cultural Center organizes

Carpathian Summer School &
Smart Minds Academy


Pylypets / UA
48°39’4”N, 23°17’24”E

Time Zone:

1 UAH = 0,033 EUR

Travel - Observe - Try to Understand

This event held in the wild bosom of Carpathian Ruthenia and conducted with emphasis on vocational training versus active recreation, is a good basis for those having weakness for travels, outdoor and adventure.

Folk Culture of Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Ruthenia is a country of powerful magic. Learn to understand it and you will be happy to come back again. It is impossible to express in words, it must be seen …

Creative Photography

Learn to understand correctly what you take photos, when and where you take photos, why you take photos and if you can take photos. Learn how to cut a short film correctly. You couldn’t wish for a better exterior …

Art Workshop

The art studio near our base provides facilities for painters. Immerse yourself in silence and create. No one will disturb you. Feel free to create all week. Or move here for a month or two …


Learn to understand the Carpathian wilderness and not be afraid to exist in it. Nature is friendlier than it seems at first glance. It has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and children’s room. Not every spider or mosquito bites ….

Outdoor Survival

Wednesday’s exercise will help you handle tricky situations. You will learn to read the terrain, use a map, compass and walkie-talkie. You will learn first aid in difficult conditions, you will learn to cook on the fire and sleep outside …

Expeditions to the unknown

The legendary village of Kolochava, mysterious Lake Sinevir, the thermal waters of Veljatyno, majestic Mountain Hymba or the ancient Uzhhorod – all this awaits us …

Logistics & Output

Two nine-seat minibuses Ford Tranzit with storage space • Carpathian style mountain lodge (full board) • Bring your own hiking boots, raincoat, flashlight and swimwear. Other necessary equipment is provided. High heels not recommended…

The admission of EUR 300 covers boarding & lodging, transport, lecturing and fees. Your pocket money should therefore cover your extra expenses only (souvenirs, sweets etc.). Please bear in mind that extra food is provided for health reasons only.

One-week children’s camp for groups of 16 from 12 to 17 years of age • In cooperation with primary / secondary schools / high-schools or other educational institutions • Parents of children are welcome • Experienced leaders • Lists of participation

Josef Oriško
+420 123 456 789