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Nuclear Academy
Chernobyl Power Plant Closed Zone + Kyiv


Kyiv + Chernobyl
51°23′22,39″ N, 30°5′56,93″ E

Time Zone:

1 UAH = 0,033 EUR


This year-round educational program offers a broad range of topics for comparative studying. Therefore, it is a good basis for students / graduates of (not only) technics interested in professional career within the international frame.


Few people know that the Chernobyl accident continues to this day, just less intensively. On the spot, we will get acquainted with the process of extinguishing a reactor fire and decontamination of the infested zone.

Safety of work in non-standard environment

Under professional supervision, we will learn to work with a Geiger counter to control radioactivity, use a spacesuit and “read” the infested terrain. Rule No. 1 – avoid places where dust settles !!!

Restoration of life in a contaminated zone

There is light in the tunnel! We will meet people who have returned here. We will learn the plans for the restoration of Pripyat. Will abandoned cafes ever open again? Will the rusty carousels move?

Kiev and surroundings as you don't know it

The capital of Ukraine offers an incredible mix of East and West. A two-day trip to the forests of the Belarusian borderland with a piece of traditional culture and bizarre will not leave us calm, at least until the next Christmas …

Wednesday late afternoon with Leonidovich

We will meet the surviving irradiated people – the so-called liquidators, who immediately after the explosion appeared in the front ranks as firefighters. Among other things, we are indebted to them for being …

Excursion to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Closed Zone

If they let us in there, it will probably be a powerful experience – a memento. In the town of Pripyat, we will move in time back to 26 April 1986. It was Saturday and this town of 50,000 was shut down …

Logistics & Output

Two nine-seat minibuses Ford Tranzit with storage space • Hotel Kolos (Kiev) + Polesie homestead (Zhytomyr area) with half board • Bring your own hiking boots, raincoat, flashlight and swimwear. Other necessary equipment is provided. High heels not recommended…

The admission of EUR 500 includes accommodation, half board, transport, tuition and various fees. Your pocket money should therefore only cover extra costs (souvenirs, beer, etc.). Catering is collective. Please note that the cost of individual meals, except for health reasons, cannot be included in the price.

papers / presentations / discussions • comparative analyzes • practical block • networking + facilities of the National Aviation University • experienced lecturers • participation sheets • employment in the field within the international community


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